incidental in mind

someday, i’ll find my unconditional love

You just need one minute to fall in love with someone and you need your whole lifetime to prove it!!


I don’t know exactly whose quote it is, suddenly that words come to me and haunt me about its evidences. Is there any love like that in this world? Yeah, recently, I quite skeptic about the meaning of true love, that there’s no true love in this world and it’s only in a fairy tale that I used to read in my childhood, also in the romantic movie that I use
to watch, and there’s no proof in this real life.

But, seeing what my father do to my mother as long as, every day in my life, I feel, I found, I see, I verified, and I believe that true love is really existing in this real life, our world.

Let me know you, my mother has got stroke and a half of her body is dysfunction so that she couldn’t lay and sit by her and absolutely couldn’t take a walk by herself. So that, her life right now is depending on other, and in home there are only me, my father and my mother, so that just my father that taking care of my mother.

My father really, truly, deeply love her, though it’s never being state directly but I know it from his eyes, his forbearance, his honesty, his sincerity, from the way he takes care of my mother, and all that he do for her.

He really gives himself with no conditions for her, unconditional love. The love that can’t be stated by all words in this world. This truth that i make it become some proven of that quote which i mentioned before. Need a whole lifetime to prove a real love.

And now, all that I think, will I get such a beautiful love? Unconditional love, yeah, unconditional love. Let me get it true ya Allah.. amiin.. insyaAllah, someday, I’ll find someone like you, dad..


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