jiffy stories

memories from pouring rain & after it

standing under the rain
standing under the rain

It was heavy rain yesterday when I got stuck in some place at the corner of cross road in my hometown. That was real heavy rain because even I have took shelter in a porch, I could still feel its rain droplets that make me feel so cold but excited indeed.

There’s a strange feeling when some rain droplets striking in very inch on my face, I closed my eyes and let it moistening my face then took deep breathing so I could smell its cold. That was real incredible moment!

Then I saw my father was walking on the rain toward me with an umbrella, suddenly I felt so touched by his deed. Then I walked under one umbrella with my father and you know what did I feel at that moment? I felt at peace! Saw some lights from the lamp that blending with the raindrops and I walked on the pouring rain, it’s just like unification with realm. It made some remember moment and I succeed to make me cry last night. All memory suddenly came back and created some miserable till I cried uncontrollably.

And this morning, the whole atmosphere creates a distinctive smell, a kind of smell that can be hurled back memories of the past that has been folded neatly in my cupboards of memory. I called it pretichor, and real I smell it right now.

Pretichor successfully create some willingness, it’s kind of want to go back to the past that all there seems so unburdened, or want to go next directly to the future of all there is just a wisdom. But I know everything is a process and this is just a temporary feeling for something, something that I call it pretichor.
You know, I really love the rain and the smell of atmosphere after rain. I guess everybody loves it. The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain.


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