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what kind’s of life??


Maybe it’s really such a breath taking thing, knowing that there’s no one in your life whom you could share everything with. When everything should you feel by yourself and you don’t trust anyone to know about. That’s a real misery! Moreover, in everyday you should see anyone can share their feeling to another whom they get closer with, that’s really painful.

Maybe such an essential thing that people have a tendency to always life socially, they need someone else to share everything in their life in every their feeling. Happiness, sadness, bitterness even sweetness and all of feeling that people have a feeling might be through their life.

And now, I don’t now about what’s the kind of life that I’ve been running so far. Nothing’s bad in my day, nothing is going out of my think, I live my life in happiness way in every single day and all of the people around me always make my day in a joyful way. Nothing should be worried in my life and everything goes in ordinary’s way. But, I don’t find my self in its ordinary way!!

I live my life so far with my own different way, I don’t know exactly when it started but that’s my deed to get through my life. Extraordinary.

You know, I got speechless but that word ‘extraordinary’, so I can continue this, may be next time I will..


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