some love stories live forever

“not to say but if you only want to know”

Finally, I got some courage to unhide this posting that I posted maybe a month ago. What is it actually till I got afraid to publish it? Actually this is the story of a girl met boy. And why did I hide it? Because this is a story that just in her deepest feeling and not so many one knows about this and she also doesn’t want if another person knows it much. just Allah that knows it much. Here’s the story.

Truly saying, not so long time she knows him. Just a little time that’s not more than 24 hours if she should count it all. She met with him in somewhere that she has once gone there before; in a holy place that she does love its atmosphere so much. Pure traditional, religious and ancient city, she likes!!
He has a charming smile that always haunt her in every her day since her first meet with him up to now though she doesn’t know exactly when she could stop from his haunted smile. Eh, a charming smile.

She really doesn’t know what kind of person he really is. Actually she wants to know much of him but she feel so embarrassed with her own self, and yeah, she is a girl and impossible for a girl to start. And up to know she’s just able to know him by every his words everyday. Not everyday actually but she knows that he will make some words which sometimes she feel that’s about her. Hahaa.. Over confident? she doesn’t think so!

From what she sees, feels and reads so far, she conclude that he’s indifferent, bit cool, casual, smart, confident, innocent, silent person, and have an intention in his life. But surely, she does not know him very much, even she doesn’t know about him at all. She only knows him as if what she concluded by her self. They never talk each other since the first meeting and just have a little indirect conversation and more she read his words more she got blooming. She really caught by his charismatic that hidden in his silence.

And recently, she worked on searching all about him and found something that of course related to him. He found some words written by him that’s really honest, humble, sincere which its blending with all his indifferent character that make his written risen her smile in every each lines. Such a magical word she never knew though maybe in other view (her friend comments) that’s just an ordinary even weird and awkward words, hahaa..

Then, once in her life, she remembers about some lyrics of song be entitled ‘more than words’, saying I love you, it’s not the words that I wanna say to you but I want you only know that I love you. Hahaa.. She made that song became such an appropriate condition with what she wants to do actually.

Oke, maybe that’s something I really want to share, the story about a girl met a boy. Not to say but just want you to know


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