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“the 3rd Arts Island Festival” held in Candi Tegowangi, Kediri

Fabulous, spectacular, picturesque, superb!!

That’s some words to figure what I see recently this night, maybe 1 hour ago. That’s the 3rd Arts Island Festival which held in Candi Tegowangi, district Plemahan, Regency Kediri, East Java.

First time, accidentally I know this festival announcement out board in my student center and I’m interested directly. I invited my friends to watch it but no body like that event, I just wonder why. So then, I went there with my little mischievous nephew. Huft!! It’s OK no problem, go on. And for real, I went with him, Imam Fachruddin .

Arriving there, I got surprise about the decorated lighting which is very spectacular and magnificent, added by some reliefs of Candi Tegowangi’s stone which if there’s a light shines on there it will create artistic shadows. What a dainty!

The festival opened with an incredible performance from Malang’s dance work. Here are some pictures.

Malang dance work
Malang dance work

Malang Dance Work
Malang Dance Work

And next, there is an opening speech by some speaker from Kediri’s government representative, Forum Seni Kediri, producer of contemporary arts Australia. And from their speech I little know about the art island, that’s a festival which held as a result of cooperation between Indonesia and Australia. In this festival there are some performances from artists Indonesia, Malaysia, New Caledonia, India, Thailand, Singapore, France and Australia.

Opening Speech
Opening Speech

This festival aims to support the contemporary arts in Indonesia and make contemporary art acceptable for the people. This festival have connected many different artists in different countries and expected to grow in the form of cooperation for the upcoming years both in Indonesia and around the world.

Mocopat Performance
Mocopat Performance

Oiya, During the show I got the most strategic place to see the performance. At first time, I got confused about where I should watch, because the stage area was surrounded by a fence fairly distant from the main stage, and only specific people allowed viewing from within the fence, but coincidentally I saw a friend’s PPMI (Perhimpunan Pers Mahasiswa Indonesia) who became one of the official there, not official actually but all of official maybe know him, that’s why I allowed sitting in the front row and became VIP audience. Hehee..

But, unfortunately, I should be in home before 9, so that I went home when the stage still performed mocopat, one of tradisional dance which performed by ‘sesepuh’ of Kediri. I don’t know how to call them because they all wear ‘blangkon’so that I thought they are the elders of Kediri.

Well, for all, that’s real great event I ever attended, that’s one of International dance festival which held in a small regency near my house, to my surprise! The first event has performed in Klungkung Bali and the last event will perform in Batu Malang July 1st 2012.


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