“foodlicious” Sate Lodeh Madura

journey alone make you take your own responsibility – Tutut Indah Widyawati

still in my alone and actually little bit risky with my lovely sister Silviana in Bangkalan, Madura and today is second day here!
this morning, we’re heading to Bangkalan with car rent because last night we took a rest in Student Center of Trunojoyo University. Let me know you that my purpose being here is attending for Blogilicious event. oke, that’s story i’ll tell you then, in this posting i’d like to share about what i ate this morning. “SATE LODEH”
i think, this is one of special food in Madura.
here is the picture.

Sate Lodeh Madura

Sate Lodeh Madura

this taste is also delicious and tasty, this tasted good is really recommended food in Bangkalan, Madura.
sold by a woman that bring her goods by lift it up on her head, and i wonder about how strong a Maduranese woman are!!
its consist is ketupat, sate daging, and sayur lodeh that’s made from some vegetables, young jack fruit, and makina (i don’t know what it is)
over all, it’s really delicious and recommended food.

Sate Lodeh Madura

Sate Lodeh Madura


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