“foodlicious” Nasi Serpang Madura

Madura and all its enchantment heritage is enchanting me.. – Tutut Indah Widyawati

Still in my journey to Madura for attending Blogilicious event, today is the last day and this afternoon i’ll back to my hometown. waaaaa.. it feels so touchy because i love this city so much and all its atmosphere here. The people, food, environment, their hospitable and friendliness to us that really like foreigner because we’re really not understand about their language, Maduranese. just like a weird voice in my Javanese ears. hahaa..

My sister and i have a plan to search some traditional food from Madura for our breakfast today, due to our delicious breakfast yesterday sate lodeh. And today we found another tasty food in around of Stadion Gelora Bangkalan. Really, really delicious and tasty one!! not far from our breakfast menu yesterday. it’s called Nasi Serpang.

Nasi Serpang Madura
Nasi Serpang Madura

it consist of ikan tongkol bumbu merah, kerang bumbu kecap, bihun noodle, rempeyek udang, rempeyek kacang, lodeh tofu, srondeng, and sauce. all of it is really delicious and it will be not nice if we lost one bite of it!! its taste makes me melting in its delicious taste.

During our having meal, we talked much about what Nasi Serpang is. She told me that, the origin name of this food is from the name of one village in Bangkalan called Serpang, and the most seller of this food are from Serpang so that its called Nasi Serpang. ‘Mamak’ (called name of mother of Madura) is also friendly and she said that she loves Javanese language and want to learn much of it.

Nasi Serpang dan Mamak
Nasi Serpang dan Mamak

aaaaah, too much enchantment of you, Madura!!


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