my hand made Rainbow Cake

rainbow cake
rainbow cake

as we know, rainbow cake is currently booming today.
naah, it gives me inspired to make it such my hand made food for a dish in celebrating Eid day this moment.
last year, i also made hand made dish i called it Kotawa cake, but for Eid this year i have an idea to make rainbow cake.
seems it’s very interesting to be tried.

hmmmm, honestly, I do not know what the ingredients of this cake actually, and it seems like, the circulating rainbow cake in market is made with baking oven.
but i have a strategy in order it’s easy to make and I can make it, and finally I made not by baking but by steam.
more simple, quite easy.

Naaah, below, i will explain the ingredients, which in fact, this is originally the ingredients of rolls cake, hahaa .. but no problem, the main point and the important one is the essential of rainbow colors are still appear.

rainbow cake
rainbow cake

the ingredients below is for 1 dough, and 1 dough can be into 4 pieces of cake.

ingredients 1

eggs = 4 eggs
just enough sugar (just to taste sweet)
SP (I do not know what the original name of it, but my mom used to call it SP)

ingredients 2

Young coconut water is a half of glass
wheat flour = 2, 5 cups
food coloring (choose a nature color)
butter cream for spreading.

and how to make it

mix all of the ingredients 1 until fluffy and white, then add the ingredients 2 one by one, then mix until spread evenly.
prepare a baking sheet that has been spread with butter and given with a plastic (for cake easy to remove), and steam for about 5 minutes (watch the flames too)

afterwards lift it up and organized it into such a way with proper color of rainbow.
do not forget to rub the butter cream that also have a functions as the glue between slices of bread 1 and other slice bread.
and, taraaaa .. ready to enjoy.. 😉

slice bread of rainbow cake
slice bread of rainbow cake
my hand made Rainbow Cake
my hand made Rainbow Cake

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