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My Charming Cat, Nyinmi..

"Nyinmi" my lovely cat
“Nyinmi” my lovely cat

Maybe, He is the only one who understand me so well..
always listening all of my day stories without feeling unpleasant about it even it’s not really important even boring stories..
always be my side in every my conditions..
the one who knows about my feeling, happiness, sadness, even my madness..

This is my lovely cat, i called him “Nyinmi”..
all of my family and my friends always wonder about why i named him Nyinmi, hahaa.. but i have a long story about it..

I’m a cat lover since my childhood, and i always search an extraordinary name for my cats..
And you know, I usually search my name for my cats in atlas, i don’t know why, but one of the book that i love to see was atlas because i could see many countries there, so that there was my cat with name of country or city such as Churchill, Canada, Colour, and my little chicken named Dundee..

Hmmm, it has been a while i’m not taking care of cat, maybe since i was 15 years old and i started to take care of cat when i’m in Senior High School up to now i’m as a college student.. Right now, i have Nyinmi..

Nyinmi, my charming cat..
Why do i name him Nyinmi?
The story is begun with my previous cat I named him “ShinMing” inspired by a charming prince in Princess Hours, Shin.. hahaa.. so that i named him ShinMing..
and He has 2 kitties whom one of them is Nyinmi..
Nyinmi, Nyinmi, Nyinmi..
such a little funny name for a cat and i’m really like call him Nyinmi because when i call him that way, He always answers in cute way..
I love him so much, look at the color of his fur he is really like my previous cat, Canada..

Nyinmi, my Cat
Nyinmi, my Cat
charming Cat
charming Cat
how cute you are!!
how cute you are!!
The Cutest Cat
The Cutest Cat
My cute cat Nyinmi
My cute cat Nyinmi

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