it’s my trademark, and its all mine

i have this idea quite long ago, and alhamdulillah, just today i have enough time to accomplish it and made it true.
my logo, my trademark!!
it seems nothing, i know, but i just wanna share it.

mmmmm, according to its definition which i took from wikipedia, i got this,
trademark is a distinctive sign or indicator used by an individual, business organization, or other legal entity to identify for consumers that the products or services on or with which the trademark appears originate from a unique source, designated for a specific market, and to distinguish its products or services from those of other entities.

Alright, i don’t care with its long definition, really, but i will explain my purpose on making this.
Hmmm, from its definition, i’ll make it simple,
trademark in my opinion is just like our identity in identity.
we have a name which becomes our identity and trademark is our identity in its identity.
in a simple word to say, it’s just like abbreviation, yes.
Eh, no, our first letter’s name.
And because my nick name is preceded by “T” so that i made it font T to be my trademark.
with a little bit vector creation in silhouette making, and my amateur skill in Photoshop, i created this!
hahaa, still amateur but really, i love my work on this..

font T as my trademark
font T as my trademark

The philosophy of this picture,
really, i took a very long time to think till i can get this shape, the shape that should be illustrating myself.
and because my first letter name is “T”, so it should be use the font shape of T which is just like 3 junctions.
and, i’m a hijab girl, so that i make my face silhouette wearing veil, added by hat in a font T consequence.

so, what will you do with this??
i’ll use it such my identity, especially in my blog posting in which during my blogging i always use “a white line words” as my trademark for every my blog pictures i took and shared.

and now i have this trademark, insyaAllah from now i’ll make it such my pictures identity, and also to show everyone that the pictures i shared is from my blog and its all mine. 🙂
and here is my first trademark in down-corner-left the picture..

tiwwiDy's trademark
tiwwiDy’s trademark

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