incidental in mind

an inspiration in the uninspiring time

I don’t have an inspiration..
that’s my inspiration today..
hahaa, i don’t know but yeah, i wanna told you this that i don’t have an inspiration recently,
maybe because i’m really annoyed by the thousands SPAM comments in my WordPress latest. In just a day, i received at least a thousand spam comments!! It’s so annoying and growling, that’s why i feel little bit lazy to open my WordPress because of it.
yaah, just now i checked my calender update in bottom side, to my surprise, i have 5 days not posting some thoughts here in my blog. Oh My God!!
let me know you something, i have made a decision for myself that i should keep writing at least 3 posting in a week and i think it’s not a big deal for me because i do really like telling a story actually.
and yeah, because i should overcome some spamming so that i forget to write.
and when i realize, i do really not have an inspiration to write.
but i got such a good idea that that phrase can be an idea to write, i start to write and yes i got it.
i just surprise that i reach more than 200 words by the end of this sentence.
hahaa, but it’s still nothing because a good posting should have at least 500 words.
but, hey, who has a rule like that??
also i guess, it because the rain was too heavy in its falling. I don’t know why my inspirations always suddenly come when the rain comes, drizzling and not really heavy rain.
and about two days ago, it was heavy rain happened, and i guess i don’t have any kind of inspirations.

inspiring snow
inspiring snow

what else??
oiyaa, i also have a final test!! eww, it’s not a big deal actually, the big deal is too many assignments given in the beginning of final examination.
i don’t know about the lecturer thinking about this, but really, it’s burdening indeed!
the students can’t be focus in the final exam but focus on the given assignment, so both of them couldn’t be done perfectly.
rushing by deadline, imagine about the killer face of the lecturer, and the worst value.
that’s really haunted us as the students in the tip of final exam.
yeah, it’s really working in me.
i don’t know why again that all of my friends believe that i’m smart, amiin, whereas i’m not really smart as they thinking because still so many things i should learn more.
but that main setting makes me got trap into such an opinion, so that my friends whom one group with me always keep trust me that i can finish it all. God!! i know that’s good for me but not good for others.
i really don’t mind about that and i don’t feel it’s such a burden, but please, give it to another to let them learn too.
Trusted my someone sometimes make you feel frustrating, but don’t ever take it into such a burden.
oke, alhamdulillah i got more than 500 words.
hahaa, and this is all my inspiration to write when i do really not have an inspiration..


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