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Incredible Istiqlal

“Mosque always be a great place for me, and Istiqlal is the greatest i’ve ever seen so far.. – @tiwwiDy”

Istiqlal Mosque, Jakarta
Istiqlal Mosque, Jakarta

Istiqlal Mosque, Jakarta.
It has been 3 times already i have been here, first time when i was a little kid in 1997. The second when it was in 2011 and the latest one is in the last august when i was attending for an event in TVOne with my college friends. At that time i felt become a lost person there, because i was totally alone and took an ashar prayer without anyone accompany me. yeah, i was totally just by myself in that great mosque. Actually, i was with my brother but he should go to his office to check something and he leave me in Istiqlal to take my ashar prayer, but though i was alone but i felt like in my own. there was something feeling which i couldn’t describe, maybe such a kind of calmness, peaceful and i didn’t know how to say it.

Isqtiqlal Mosque, a stronghold of faith and national pride, and also it becomes the greatest mosque through south Asia! subhanallah.. that’s incredible!! As i know from an article in a weekender of Jakarta Post, the construction of this mosque began in 1961 with the founding stone laid by the President Soekarno.

Istiqlal Mosque span 9,5 hectares, to my surprise, it was designed by christian architect Frederick Silaban.
The main hall is cavernous, warmed in ambiance by a vest red carpet and copper hues of the interior lights reflecting of the convex interior of the 45 meter dome that crowns the mosque.

little Monas in Istiqlal Mosque
little Monas in Istiqlal Mosque
Masjid Isqtiqlal, Jakarta
Masjid Isqtiqlal, Jakarta

The open-plan architecture keeps the interior corridor cool and breezy, as everyone knows that Jakarta is really hot city, but when i was in there i didn’t feel that way, it was really pleasant being there. And you know what, the architecture of this mosque is rich in numerical symbolism.
Just like, the dome width, 45 meters, represents the 1945 the proclamation of the national independent’s year.
The ring of 12 support pillars echoes Muhammad’s birthday on the 12 Rabiul ‘awal.
The five floor mirrors represents the pillars of Islam and the five principles of Republic Indonesia.
The single minaret embodies the oneness of Allah, and the height of the minaret which is 6.666 symbolizes the verses in the Holy Qur’an.
What an incredible this mosques in every inch of it!

I'm standing exactly in front of Istiqlal Mosque..
I’m standing exactly in front of Istiqlal Mosque..

Istiqlal becomes a little heaven for a great capital city of Jakarta. Just like an oasis in the great desert which everyone always look for calmness for refreshing a soul. And proudly i say, I’m admirer of Istiqlal.


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