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New Year’s Eve Celebration 2013

Today is 31 December 2012, it’s nearly close to the New Year 2013, and everybody called it “New Year’s Eve”.
Something i found in every years i through so far, celebrations, a long holiday, fireworks, trumpet, welcoming party, make a list for New Year’s wishes, make a reflection for the last year and others New Year’s Eve euphoria.
I was thinking that, the last day of the year is all about changing the numerical number of the month, from 12 to 1 in just a night, just that simple!!
so, which’s the special part??
I thought every years don’t ask the people to celebrate it, just people who make it must be some celebration for the New Year’s Eve. And in Indonesia, the identical thing in the New Years Eve is fireworks and trumpet, right now i could hear the fireworks explosions..
But i have this thought about why do the people always arrange the celebration in every New Year.
New, new is something recently happened, and if there is something new in people’s life, they will celebrate it as a symbol of thankfulness to God.
so that, let’s make a New Year’s Eve moment to say thank to Allah for a new life for Allah gives us change to see, to through and to witness His upcoming Greatness in the next year.
Happy New Year 2013.
Have a nice New Year’s Eve.. 🙂

New Year 2013
New Year 2013

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