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Liebster Award “Mein erste Auszeichnung”

I believe that sharing whatever we have in thought will make your mind always fresh and your thought may inspire others.. – @tiwwiDy

You know what, I love to tell some stories because it will so wonderful can share whatever we did, and I have used to do it since I was a little kid. I did always told my mom everything although almost all my stories is a preface for demand in something, hahaa.. But really, I’m not a kind of person that keeps deeply about what something happen to me.

And to my surprise!! I got an award from my beloved Sister Silvianacalled Liebster Award. Thank you so much sist, your really meant to choose me.

Liebster award
Liebster award

Actually I have never heard it before and I thought it’s kind of a competition among Justin Beiber fans, Ooh God!! Really?? Hahaa.. Then I read the explanation about Liebster Award from Silviana’s writing that’s a German word which means love, and I directly remember a phrase “Ich Liebe Dich” which means “I Love You” in German. Liebster – Liebe.

I didn’t know what actually the purpose of this award, but I think it’s funny to try. This award has a rule and term itself, I don’t know who made it but it’s really funny, (I copied from Silvina’s friend – Erlinda) here we go:
1. Bloggers nominate other up-and-coming bloggers (with less than 200 followers) for the award.
2. If you receive the Liebster, you must
a. Tell 11 random things about yourself. 
b. Answer the 11 questions the nominator has asked you.
c. Nominate 11 other bloggers and make sure you notify them

Oke then, let’s make it fun even the word “must” above rather make me such in a big burden because it’s just like a promise to do, hahaa..

Tell 11 random things about yourself:

1. I’m a gadget person

i'm a gadget person
i’m a gadget person

The first thing come to my mind is this word, “I’m a gadget person” because right now I’m writing after my laptop and in my left side there’s my phone lies. But truly, maybe it will be hard for me to have one day without my phone or my laptop because right now they just become my friend at home and by using it I’m connecting with people around my life. I always do my write with my laptop and when I got tired see my wide monitor I use my phone to write, also I usually read an e-book novel using them.
Keep my photos, Make a design, Internet, Listening music, Downloading something, Watching movie, even I often use them to recite the Digital Al-Qur’an. You can use them a whole day to improve your knowledge but don’t forget to take a chance to take an advantage of them for your Hereafter.

2. I have Nyinmi in life.


I guess you are all know who Nyinmi is. Nyinmi is my recently cat and he’s my beloved cat ever. And you know what, I couldn’t see him around more about one week. 😥 I don’t know where he goes, I do really loss him so much around me. Every morning I woke up I always found him slept in my feet, and he always accompanied me in my room, always presented a cute attitude exactly when I caress him, always followed me everywhere I went and he liked when I took him in my cuddle. Aah, so much memory I created with him, so that please Nyinmi come back home soon. I will always wait your meowing heard. 😥

3. I’m looking like Indian person

Many people said that my face resemble with Indian people, from my eyes and from my smile. Hahaa.. It’s nothing but when I looked at my face in the mirror, eh, they said that way wasn’t just for tempting me but they are true!! Look at my face!! Hahaa..

4. I’m a moving person

Don’t let me to stay and do nothing because I’ll be boring even stress in its condition. I like keep moving and let myself do something. Yeah, sometimes my body wouldn’t accept all my busy activity but really I like moving. Hmmm, I have this verse form the Holy Quran and this is actually something that inspires me to keep moving.

فَإِذَا فَرَغْتَ فَانصَبْ
So when you have finished [your duties], then stand up [for worship]..” (Al – Insyirah : 7)

Because life is not just for resting!!

5. I do really want to have grandfather or grandmother.

My Grandfather
My Grandfather

Aah, this is real melancholic to tell. I miss them so much even I’ve never meet with them in my life. I always keep my jealous of my friend who still having them my they side. And you know, when I tell everyone about this I always begin to cry. Yaa Allah!! You know, every when I hear the song “Field of Gold” sung by Emi Fujita, magically I could figure them clearly in my mind although I’ve never met with them and I knew them just from photos. Ooh Allah, I miss them already, and please meet me with them in your Heaven some when. :’)

6. I have my private wardrobe

my private wardrobe
my private wardrobe

There are 4 rooms in my home, and there just three of me, my dad and my mom. There are 2 empty rooms, so that I use one room to my private wardrobe to keep all of my clothes there. I’m hanging it in a long hanger, there are my clothes mostly gown, my veils and my jackets there. Also there are 2 cupboards to keep my mom and dad’s clothes there. People who see my wardrobe always say that I’m have a boutique, but really this is just my private wardrobe and all of it is mine.

7. More about 50 books in own room.

Books everywhere
Books everywhere

You can say that I’m a book worm, eh, I’m books addicted. Don’t you believe me?? Just come here to my brightly yellow room which I designed by myself.

8. My room is my paradise

my brightly yellow room
my brightly yellow room

I assume, 50% of my activities I do in my room and I always make my room in an unique order, and you know what in my life so far more about 20 years I have been moving my private room 5 times. I love about interior design and I use my like to arrange my private room into such an interesting place to stay. These are two picture of my room in a different chamber and the first picture is my room when I was in Senior High School and the second picture is my recently room, my right now room.

9. My sleep is just like a sleepy princess

sleepy princess and Nyinmi
sleepy princess and Nyinmi

Doctor said that this habit actually danger myself because having a nice sleep without much changed along night. But, how can I do then?? I even cannot realize it when I got sleep. I guess every body can’t do that way too.

10. I’m keeping person

some of my collections
some of my collections

I always love to keep my stuff, my old stuff to accompany me growing up. Just like I have told you in my story about my little brown backpack form my 5 years old kid, crumpled blanket from my brother’s sarong, my brown backpack form my Junior High School and others. The main point, I do love keeping something unique in my room, recently I have magical marbles which it’s really small but when it soaked in the water it can grow up 300% from its normally size before. It’s unique, isn’t it??

11. I’m not an English Teacher
If I have a chance to choose what I want to be, I wouldn’t choose a teacher for my future. It’s a bad thought actually but it’s really from my heart. Truly saying, I want to be a midwife but fate must me to be a teacher. But no problem, become a teacher is privilege to save our nation and useful knowledge may become my infestation for my Hereafter’s life. #aamiin

Oo My God, it has 11 things already. Eleven things are just the little things in my life to tell actually, still many random things in my life which surprising when I tell. Oke, next doing is answering the questions from Silviana’s. Hmmmm.. Good questions!!

1. Karena jujur itu hebat plus seksi, jadi, pernah bikin janji apa sih di tahun 2012??
Honest is good but it will be better if I don’t tell my promise to myself, hehee.. because I called them my resolution to myself, but, oke, let m know you something, hmmm.. I have ever made a promise to buy a bag to Nala when she entered Elementary School.

2. Terus, udah berapa yang dilakuin sama yang belum sampai saat ini?
Unfulfilled promise?? I guess I don’t have them because I keep this phrase, “never make a promise if you couldn’t intent to fulfill it then..” so that, if I make a promise I try to aware of my self by asking, will I can fulfill it?? That’s make me having no unfulfilled promise.

3. Kamu suka make jam tangan gak? Kenapa suka dan kenapa enggak?? Share ya..
I love wearing a watch. Since I was a little kid my big brother bought me a watch and started from it I’m always using my watch. Because, time is gone so fast.

4. Dalam hidup kalian, kalian tipe orang yang suka ngritik aja atau ngritik dan ngasih penyeleseian? Kenapa?
Critic, everybody doesn’t want to hear critics sometimes, so that I try not to give my critics much and I’ll see the person I want to critic first then I’ll critic them and I let them to figure out what I said before and if they seem need an advice or something I’ll give them.

5. Kalau boleh tau, apa sih arti keluarga buat kalian?
I couldn’t life without my parents existence in this world, so that they are my best in my life. You know my family so well, how they treat me through my life. They are, They mean a lot for me. :’)

6. Kasih tau dong, lagu apa sih yang menginterpretasikan diri kalian?
Hmmm, I guess nothing. I’m kind of complicated feeling person actually. Hahaa..

7. Y (Pendapatan) = C (konsumsi) + I (Investasi), dari jatah uang jajan yang dipunya kalian sebulan nabung berapa sih?
I save a lot, even when I get month money from my brother I save it all and use it properly. Right now, I’m stingy for me myself. Hahaa.. Y = C + I + C (Charity) don’t forget to give charity.

8. Sampai di usia ini, udah pernah bikin karya apa aja?
What do you mean “karya” here?? Karya in the meaning of art or something else??

9. Kalau punya waktu luang, biasanya dipake buat apa?
I wish I can have a spare time for my life, you see, just like what I told you before, I’m a moving person so that there’s no spare time for my life, and I actually mean not to serve it in my life.

10. Film apa aja yang udah pernah kalian tonton sampai detik ini? Recommend-in dong, saya juga pengen lihat. Hehe

Hahaa, you know all my movie collections. And recently I’ve download a good movie for you to copy, the title is A DOG NAME DUKE and CALL THE MIDWIFE, but I searched its subtitle but I couldn’t find it, help me to search it yaa..

11. Kasih saran ya, saya harus gimana biar blog ini makin cantik?

You’re already beautiful so that just keep blogging, hahaa..

All of questions answered!! Now, according to the term I should make the eleven questions to my nominator to answer it. Oke, see the questions I have to you, be ready!! Yap!!

1. Tell me what your weird hobby but you like to do that, and explain why you like it!
2. In 2013, which cities do you want to visit much?? Tell me and please invite me to join, hahaa..
3. How many books do you have in your bookshelf?? What the book do you like most??
4. Do you have a cat?? What’s he/she’s name??
5. Write your quote of life which inspires you so long!!
6. Are you a sleepy person or not??
7. Give me your best picture taken by you!! It can be a scenery, some stuffs, a cat, or your self photo, anything..
8. Where do you spend a lot for your activities??
9. Who is the person in your life who gives much influence in your life??
10. What the best movie have you ever seen?? Tell me a little bit of it..
11. This is not “must” to do actually, but can you answer my eleven questions in English??

Alhamdulillah, mission completed!! And you know, this is the first time I get an award in blogging and this is the first time also I write a lot of words in English. Hahaa.. Next duty is choosing my Blogger friends to do the same way and answer my questions, aah, this hard to choose actually but I will, bismillah..


The eleven nominators will going to..

Druuududuudududuuuuuduum ceees!!

1. Silviana -> #1 Liebster Award
2. Ria Lyzara -> Sebelas Hal Tentang Saya di Liebster Award
3. Kak Maman
4. Ahmad Saifulloh
5. A. G. Ma’ruf
6. Puguh Alakadarnya
7. Bayu Chandra
8. Mas Darul Mukhlasin -> Inspirasi posting karena Chatting
9. Mas Raden T.S.
10.Ay Dea
11.Karina Ayin

Oke, do your best!! and congratulations for you all for this award, it means that i love you all. Keep writing, Keep sharing and Keep Blogging!! I’m waiting for your answer friends..


4 thoughts on “Liebster Award “Mein erste Auszeichnung”

  1. I like your opinion, that is very good. and than, what do you get from your habbits (writing the blog)?
    why you have writed the your blog every day? what you want?

    my language is very-very bad, you can understanding this comment.

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