Magnificence’s Mosques

Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Istanbul in Malang

Masjid Istanbul di Malang
Masjid Istanbul di Malang

For me, the most beautiful mosque in this world is Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Istanbul. Subhanallah, I do not know why I always admire with this mosque so far. The first time I knew about this mosque was from someone, we talked it as al-hambra mosque but apparently, it was not, that was Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul Turkey. From that moment, I always try to search its pictures just for admiring it repeatedly. I have never get bored when admiring this architecture.

Aah, I do not want to make this further because honestly, I have not gone there yet, insyaAllah someday I’ll take a prayer there, aamiin ya Allah.

Now, I want to tell about the photograph above. Guess what? Don’t you think that it is Blue Mosque? Yes, the first time I thought that it was and I felt like I was dreaming at that moment or just such a kind of illusion. It was in 2009, when I went on vacation with someone to Malang. When we passed Pujon, unintentionally I saw its minaret and its dome, we directly turned back and drawn near that mosque which is surrounded by citizen house with the small street.

I thought that its mosque still in under construction because the wall still covered with semen and unpainted yet. But, subhanallah, the building was same as Sultan Ahmed Mosque. The architecture of this mosque maybe imitate from Blue Mosque. Unfortunately, the mosque was closed at that moment and there was no board name. Although so many times I passed Pujon but I never have a time for just drop in. insyaAllah next time.

Because I do not know the name of this mosque, so that I called it Sultan Ahmed Mosque of Malang. Yes, that is its name. []


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