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a gift for June..

Today I was a little bit surprise knowing that today is the first day of June. Ooh God, why the time is running so fast and have reached a half year of 2013. Oke, it has been fated and we should be thankful because He still gives us opportunity to seek His Blessing in His world. Alhamdulillah.. Thanks Allah for today!!

It was little bit a long time i’m not posting my post in English. Maybe, one, two, three, Ooh God!! It was four months I didn’t post my writing in English. Forgive me, forgive me, forgive me. Oke then, I come back today with my English story about June.

I do not know exactly why I want to make the story about this, but I suppose I have one special day in June but please, don’t ask me about what the day it is. So far I never thought that June is actually special month, because there was no reminder day such as family’s birthday, anniversary or the other special days. Yeah, there was no special day in June. But, you know, recently I found that June is really special month. Guess what? Don’t you know that June is a half of a year? June is the center of a year. I guess some people don’t realize about this. And just like me, I just realize it by now.

In the beginning of the year, some people do their resolution and I do too. The resolution about what to do in a whole year, something want to achieve, some dreams that someone need to be true, or whatever it is. the main point, make some plans to do. And I suppose, June is the best month to take a little break for a while to evaluate our resolution. June is the best month to do it.

Being the center of everything is really wonderful feeling. Feeling wonder, beauty, joy, love, so that being people of June become the center of twelve months in a year. So that, I thought, June is also a gift month. Welcome June, it is nice to have you with every my smile just to remove my misery.. Congratulations..

Welcome June!!
Welcome June!!

One thought on “a gift for June..

  1. Berarti bulan Juni lebih berharga ya dek daripada bulan kelahirannya adek? padahal kan kalo memang bulan pertengahan tahun tuh Juni dan Juli 😀 bukan cuman Juni doank.
    ya semoga di bulan Juni ini bisa mengevaluasi segala hal yg pernah kita lakukan.

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