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Spiritual Journey’s stuff of mine

Before I do traveling, I’ll never forget this one and I’m sure, every people do that to make their travel go well. Just one word, preparation! Yap, for me, preparation is the most essential thing to do before traveling. Of course, we need to prepare the place to go, cost, how to go and some needed stuffs such as clothes, travel bag, hand bag, gadget, and girl’s necessities.

Tomorrow, I’ll do a spiritual journey with my father around Central Java, just the two of us. I wish my mother here. According to the plans, we will head to Jepara, Demak, Kudus, Semarang, Klaten, and around Central Java. So, today I do packing for all my travel needed tomorrow. Just simple with my backpack, no need to pack many things. I don’t know why I want to make this posting about some stuffs that I want to bring for my travel tomorrow. Maybe because they are so picturesque to capture. Hehee.

my spiritual journey's stuff
my spiritual journey’s stuff

Bortz Bag.

I got this bag from second hand shop and I love at the first sight with this bag because I have a plan to make it into a swing for my cat, Minyin. Hahaa.. But, let it be in its function, to carry something, and this is it. I use this bag to put my Mukena.

Aaa, I made little modification of it. Actually this bortz bag was just a web bag, but now there is an inner bag which I made it by myself. For its rope, I knitted it with combination of white and yellow thread.

my Indian Bortz Bag
my Indian Bortz Bag
my Balinese Penny's Bag
my Balinese Penny’s Bag

Penny’s bag.

I got this knitted bag from Bali 2008 year ago, and I used to use this for my phone sack. But now, I made it into a penny’s bag, to put some coins there. Yeah, just for take heed and I’m sure these coins will be needed.

Yaasin hand book.

my Yaasin Hand Book
my Yaasin Hand Book

This is from my father and I always bring it everywhere I go.

Oke, because it has been 16 days I didn’t write any post, so I got an idea to write this. Also because their picture is so classical, picturesque and semi-vintage so I made their story. Oke then, bismillahi tawakkaltu’alallah..


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