love to be a pilgrim soul

Feel over the seas in Kuta, Bali

Kuta Beach, Bali. This was actually our main destination along our journey in Bali. According to our duty which gets us to speak with some foreigners, meet them, talk to them, and capture the moments with them as our assignment reports. Then, there we were.

We started our journey from Central Park. The place where all of visitors transportation has to park here, moreover if it’s a big and carrying large of people. From central park to Kuta Beach we have a special public transportation which is only in Bali. Komotra. Komotra is such a kind of van with no side cover so that we could easily have a sight seeing. Along way to the beach, I found so many stores in both side. Café, Bar, stalls, many kinds of restaurants, come branded clothing shop, etc. And you know, all of them were full of foreigners, I could easily find them in every stores, having their drink in a bar, enjoying their coffee in Café, walking on the street, rode bicycles or motorcycles, and sometimes they say hello to us in Komotra. so that I felt like I was not in Indonesia but in abroad seeing that people.

Along way to Kuta Beach with Komotra
Along way to Kuta Beach with Komotra
Macedonian Restaurant
Macedonian Restaurant
I'm not sure this is Indonesia.. :D
I’m not sure this is Indonesia.. 😀

Arriving in Kuta, my friends and I directly “hunting” some foreigners to interview them. The first, we met foreigners from France, Stephany and I forgot the name of her boyfriend, Stephany said that she actually did not speak English well but she tried to answer our question well. She and her boyfriend choose Bali as their holiday destination because Bali is cheap for them. They are originally from France but they have their study in Australia.

Then we moved to other foreigners, name is Mark, he is a kindergarten teacher in Denmark. He came to Bali for three weeks after he knew from internet that Bali is really beautiful place to visit. He told us about his journey to Amid, Bali and we got confuse wondering where it is. He explained that Amid is also beach but not so many people knows it. He told us that he met very hospitable people there. He catch the fish by their own hand, baked it in the side of the beach while enjoying sunset time, he told us that he was really admiring Amid. After having little bit long conversation we bid good-bye to him. We meet so many foreigners with different countries, such as France, Denmark, Finland, China, Austria, Holland, Italia, and others.

Kuta Beach, Bali
Kuta Beach, Bali
Foreign Surfer In Kuta Beach, Bali
Foreign Surfer In Kuta Beach, Bali

Aa, this is the important things to know I got from talking to Mark. The reason why so many foreigners visit Kuta Beach is because they can burn their skin. They thought, having a black skin will make them so sexy and beautiful/handsome. They are actually jealous to Indonesian people who having a puce skin, but in fact so many Indonesian women tried hard to make their skin whiter whereas so many foreigners tried hard too to get skin color like us. Ironic.

Before the sun has not closed over of sea horizon yet, we have to back to Central Park because we have to go our next destination, Krishna. More about one hour we arrived in Krishna and began to spend our money to buy some gifts. Then we went back to Hotel for having a bed rest to muster up our strength. The journey was still so far.


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