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Joger : a nasty, humorous, inspiring and witty gift

In every famous tourism places in Bali, we can easily find some gift stores which sells many kind of souvenirs and handicrafts. One of well-known gift stores is Joger. A nasty, humorous, inspiring and witty gift. It feels like they never run out of ideas to make a new words. The most searched gift is T-shirt with the unique design, witty words and best in quality. For the price, it adjusts its best quality so that the price is quite expensive. For the smallest T-shirt has a cost more about 65K.

Besides its special price and design, Joger also has special in size. Medium size of usual T-shirt in Joger can be XS or XXS, and Medium size in Joger can be XL or XXL in the usual T-shirt size. I guessed they made the size according to the foreigners size.

Aah, I just knew that Joger has two stores. One in 1 km of Kuta Beach, Other in Luwus, Bali. Alhamdulillah I have been there in two of it, so I knew the differences between them. Joger near Kuta has a small store and when I went shopping there, there were a big crowd of people. I could not enjoy my shopping because at that time there was pickpocket stole my friend’s phone. Yeah, because the situation was so crowded. Different with Joger in Kuta,

Joger Luwus, Bali
Joger Luwus, Bali
The Man behind is Mr. Joger
The Man behind is Mr. Joger
Entrance gate of Joger
Entrance gate of Joger

Joger Luwus has a larger store with so many choices we can choose. I asked to one of the shop keepers about what the differences between two of them, she said that Joger Luwus has more stocks than Joger Kuta.
The first floor after entrance gate, we will be welcomed by so many ethnic handicrafts. The next door is clothing room where we can find t-shirts in all size, trousers, dress, hat, towel, etc. In the lest side, there is a kid room where we can find clothes for children.

For the second floor displays so many kind of slippers originally designed by Joger. Except slippers we can also find some ‘dusty’ bags in the right corner. I called it dusty bag because the color is moldy, but don’t judge the book by its cover! Although it has a moldy color but it has a various designs and best in quality. Yep, unfortunately I could not take any pictures inside because there is a sign of not taking pictures. Pfftt!!

BemoCrazy, it fits with my maroon dress.. :D
BemoCrazy, it fits with my maroon dress.. 😀

In front of entrance, I found another uniqueness of Joger, that is BemoCrazy. It displayed in the left corner of Joger. In the right corner of Joger there is a coffee café called KeKon. There we can order some kinds of Torabika coffees which is appropriate for Luwus cold weather.


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