jiffy stories

Inspiring Downpour Time

I Love the rain when it falls in the right time.
The time when I spend almost all my time on my bed wondering something within my blanket. Sometimes I have to move my blanket aside just to see my curtain waving straightly when the cold wind goes on to my room while once a while the drizzle sprays on my face. Yep, I love spending my most home time in my room when it’s raining outside. I feel warmth in the cold. I see the droplet of the rain through out my window. I hear nothing except the sound of the rain.
The time when I sit in my porch and heeding the rain while I steep my foot into my small pond in the corner of my porch. The universe gets wet. The sky slowly changes itself into the bright as it’s pouring the rain.
I wonder, where do the birds and butterflies hide themselves in rains? Do they hide under the tress or beneath big corolla of flowers? Don’t they get wet by hiding there? Suddenly I remember my Minyin who has his sleep tight with curling up and purring himself. I’m sure that the cat does not like the rain. Maybe he likes because the weather change into the cold which makes them tightening his curled.
The downpour time always remind me on everything. When the rain season comes I’m always able to express myself through my writing. I think rain gives me much inspiration by its intangible sound and its atmosphere before, happening and after. A lot of jiffy stories I create in the rain time. Feel like it’s bound to happen between the rain and I.
I hope I can feel the excitement of rain in some different places so I can create so many memories with my best inspiring friend ever, the rain.


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