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Gardening, another way for refreshing

I often heard that on Friday people will yelling inside, “Thanks God, it’s Friday!” yes, people like to spend their weekend than their days on. They want to banish their exhausted in a demanding schedule of days on. People also said that weekend is a friend or family time for gathering, telling stories about love, live, or everything, or maybe just for laugh. For now, that’s working on me. Actually not really because on Saturday I still have my day on to the college and that’s really depressing but no problem, I have two days off in a week. On Friday and Sunday.

Today is my day off, and thanks Allah I have no assignments in a short time to do so that I could make my time for some goods. Today I spend most my time to do something for my house like gardening, serving a great lunch for my father, keeping clear my messy room, and taking a good care of my kitty. I do not want to boast here and I do not want to make my diary here, but I just want to write something happens in my mind.

I remember I tweeted my doing this morning but apparently the tweet was not successfully tweeted. Here is my failed tweet this morning, “Gardening is another way to refresh our mind and spend our day off time.. Now, gardening with Daddy..” yes, since I was a kid, I have already love to gardening. I remember I have a small beautiful garden in the left side of my garden, I’ll post the picture later. That hobby grows and go along my age. Now I have a small garden in front of my house with two small ponds which built by my father.

Gardening is another way to refresh our mind
Gardening is another way to refresh our mind

You know, gardening is also another way for refreshing because I once read about the article that green is the color of nature, fertility, life. Green also symbolizes self-respect and well-being. That’s why by gardening will make us charge again like doing traveling or something. So that, I suggest you to have a gardening in your weekend.

It’s not a big doing like we have to use a mattock or tractor machine to do it, but simple thing like by just with our hands, scissors to cut the dried leaves, and small hoe to dig the ground and plant the flowers. As simple as it. Try to plant some beneficial flowers or plants such as geranium flowers to chase away mosquitos, and some others flowers that can save our earth. And also we can plant some vegetables, I have a chili plant, spinach, and some spice plants in my garden, so that whenever we need it, we just can pick it from ourselves plant and no need to run to the market.

I want to thanks to Allah also for my father who loves gardening. Like father like daughter. Maybe that’s what working in my father and I. most of my father’s like doing become mine. We do everything that can cheer ourselves. That’s how my life now without my mom.


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