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my 3 new born little kittens

My 3 Little Kittens
My 3 Little Kittens

Look at those 3 little kittens, they are all so cute!!
today i found my Middie gave a birth to her 3 little kittens with almost same color with their mom. I’m so happy seeing a new life in exactly 3 little creatures called kittens.
this is my first time seeing a born kitten since i was a little kid. Because my mother did not really like a female cat so that since i was more about 7 i never have a female kitten anymore.
And this is, my Middie.
Although i’m sure that those are not Minyin’s children but i’m so glad with them.
i still confuse to decide about the name of them. maybe Simba, Sinbi and i don’t know.
maybe do you have a suggestion about their name?
thanks Allah for this 3 little happiness you gave for today.. 🙂

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