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Neverending Fascination of Library

As long as I can remember, the first time I have been in a library was when I was in an elementary. Although it was just one row of bookshelf, that was actually became a party shelf, but that was made me exciting inside. Seeing some brown books, that indicated they were all old books which has so many great stories, made me feel forever.

I was glad because in my home there are a lot of my brothers and sister’s books they left. Some others I understood, some others I did not know what was it about. Then I made my own library in my back yard, actually it was a book rent but still I called it a library. I arranged it well with my childhood friends, Rini and Silvi, and of course my father who made the bamboo warehouse into a real library. I took some of my brother’s books I interested in just like a story which has picture in it, text book of mine, and others kids magazine I have.

I remember how we run it. It was fun and I put my giggle when I remember all of my childhood’s deeds. If there was my friend wanted to borrow a book from my library, they should have paid Rp. 100 for each with a week as a grace period of borrowing. I did not know why I could run that’s all, but it really happened. I also still remember the way I decorated my library. I put a small jar glass in the corner while I put some fish, which I took from a river with my father, in there and also some pebble-stone as its ornament.

The story of my love to the books more complete when I was in junior high school, SMP N 1 Gurah, Kediri. I found the bigger library which has so many kind of books I never knew before. Luckier, my class was exactly the next door of library so that I could go whenever the class was off.

This library has in sleeve some well-known books written by some famous writers such as Mira W, Mark Twain, Ahmad Thohari, and some other great books like an encyclopedia about earth, science, animal world which made me more fascinated to books.

I found my new world there and I hope I have my own library someday, so that in every week I tried to buy one new book, of course, they were all novels. Alhamdulillah, right now I have my own small handmade bookshelves as my own library in my room. Here is it. My father made it to me. I made my design, and my dad was the carpenter. Thanks Allah for my Dad.

My Own Library in My Room
My Own Library in My Room

When I was in my high school, SMA N 2 Pare, the library is getting bigger than before. I found more and more books which has so various of authors. I also found thicker encyclopedia which told about the world wide universe. I could not restrain myself not to go the library when the break time happened. Moreover I have a friend who loves going to the library too, that’s made me feel more interested in library. So that when my first time I made my blog in April 2011, I wrote my bio like this,

“I’m madly interesting about mosque and library, and my great hope is visiting them around the world.”

I hope my dream will surely come true. Aamiin.
Then I come to my last attraction of library when I’m already in my university, STAIN Kediri. Even though I went to the school which not really concern about Islam, but I love studying Islam by my self. I often read my father’s books about Islam and I also love about the history itself, I love seeing Islamic countries, I love everything about Islamic culture around the world. And here in my college, I just like found my heaven. Here I found so many kind of Islamic books which made me more attract to study about Islam.

Some thick historical books, a long array of hadits from Bukhari, Muslim, etc., some Islamic encyclopedias, aah, I found a treasure here. Just like, never ending fascination about library. And wherever they are, libraries always enchanting me by its neatly array of books. I love to feel its atmosphere which everyone has to be quite. I love to spend for hours immersed in a book filled with hearty quotes. I love everything about library.


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