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Some Simple Tranquilities

Three days ago made a tweet “only with see the sparkling stars, feel the rain falls, feel the atmosphere of Sunset or Sunrise, see the leafless trees my heart will recover..”

That’s the fact, that’s how I find a tranquility through my heart from the nature. As the simple as that. Just like the nature has its own way to heal my wound, to recover my feeling. Maybe for some people, they could find the tranquility through the nature by seeing the great picturesque of landscapes, the fresh vistas, or refreshing the deep-sea water. However, to find those occurrences we need to go somewhere where we can find such a kind of magical. But for me, magical things we can see in a very simple thing if we see it in a different point of view.

What are they?

Just like what I said in my tweet. The sparkling stars. I’m sure that people will a hundred percent agree with me, when they see the stars they will find themselves peaceful inside. With just seeing the stars can make people feel so happy without the reason.

I once heard about the story about the people died and become the stars in the night sky. I know that it is just the fairy tale, the story for the children lullaby but I don’t know why I like to hear that story. When the people we love died, they will become the sparkling star in the night sky and watching us from up there. So, by seeing the stars just like outpouring the people whom they are yearning for.

Feel the rain falls. I think I have written so many stories about my memories of the rain. About its drizzling, its pretichor, the atmosphere after it, many things. Rain always has its own way to bring me back to my old memories, my long time journey of life, my memories to someone, about everything.

Dusk - tiwwidy.wordpress.com
Dusk – tiwwidy.wordpress.com

Feel the atmosphere of Sunset or Sunrise. Sunrise and Sunset always have a different way to show their beauty. Just like, Sunrise knows that without their presence there will be no today and Sunset also knows that without their last shine, there will be no tomorrow. Something surprising about both of them is in every their time always and always different. There is no the dawn that has the same warmth of the morning sunshine in their everyday rises, also there is no dusk that has the same aurora in their every evening sink. Just like they told us that the nature change its beauty all the time, so why the human doesn’t change their beauty all the time?

Dawn - Leafless tree - tiwwidy.wordpress.com
Dawn – Leafless tree – tiwwidy.wordpress.com

The last simple thing that makes me keep silent for a minute is the leafless branch of tree with the blue sky as its background. Just like they keep telling me that there will be a time you can say good time to the people you love. I don’t know how I find such a kind of lesson but the leafless tree, wherever they are, always make my time stop for a while and get my time to watch them and hear their whisper to me that lesson, that message.

Those simple things, it doesn’t need something magnificent to get the tranquility of heart. The main point is, just see them in the different point of view because the beauty of ordinary thing always appears in the side that people never expected. Once people know the beauty, they will never get the time to see another.


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