What to say in ENGLISH

Being stuck in writing is a sin

Almost 2 months not having my writing for my blog, succesfully drives me full of sins ever! I tried to write something but always end up in my note drafts. The duty of KKN, posting to my KKN’s blog although I failed to fulfill its 40 days stories, cleaning my extremely messy house, preparation for Eid day made my inspirations stucked in my mind.

Whoaa, just like in this posting, I feel like my writing is completely bad in structure, grammar, choosen words or whatever. I write in english because I really have no idea about what should I write in Indonesian because if I wrote something in indonesian, it should be something well-structured, inspiring, good-to-read, have a long paragraph, authentic references, so that here I write about, maybe, some clarifications why I have two months off not having my own blog posting.

My lastest blog posting was about world cup in my point of view as a woman and it was two months ago before I went to fulfill my duty of my 4 sks on the slope of wilis mountain. Yeah, I could loudly say that I have the best time in my life through my KKN time.

The evergreen vistas, the cold weather, the thick fog, the clove fragrances, the cobbled road, the amiable people, sparkling city at the valley, everything about my KKN was so amazing.


First time, I insisted to move into another group because everybody said that my KKN in Tumpakdoro, Pamongan is the most difficult place to go but finally thanks God I kept my decision and kept what God has chosen me.

I can say that, i’m a nature admirer, so that when the first time I made a survey there I felt, ‘Oh God, I’m in love with this place’. The green vistas successfully made my self tranquil inside. Aah, so many stories I created and I will spend a lot of pages if I have to tell it here.

Oke, I wanna say, being stuck in writing is like having a sin. Truly saying, this posting was so long time settled in my note-draft. Every day I tried to add some words, some sentences, some paragraphs but always ended up with have no idea. I tried to read a book, blog walking, watching a movie ‘Before Sunrise’ which never unsuccessful giving me an inspiration to write especially in English, but then again this posting still unfinished yet.

The funniest thing from my stuck time was when I told this to my friend whom he has no idea about the world of writing, he tried to help me in a funny innocent way which was successfully made laugh out loud. But anyway, thank you for your trying.

Fyuuh, then alright I made an intention and this posting posted. Although this is just an unimportant posting but alhamdulilah become my first posting in August.
My sins seem lessened. Bismillah for my next posting. Sorry for this rubbish post.


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