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The deals for We Wee World

It has been a while for me being stuck on writing especially for my blog. The reasons were, I did not have much time to type, I did not have an outstanding idea to write. But lately I realise the biggest reason why I was not productive in writing my blog in this recent time is, because I forgot that I have so many categories I made for my blog!

I have arraged the alphabetic categories which came from letter A and end up with letter S. It contains so many thought of me about everything happnes in my life. There are so many categories actually but recently, more about a year, I just focused on posting about islamic sight and my traveling.
In my realization, some days ago I wrote on “foodlicious” category to tell about my experience in making Nastar.

And I began to realize and realize more, where have I been so far?
I have so many things to tell the world but I was just being stuck and too focus on what I actually rarely do.

I scrolled down my blog and I feel amazed my self. How could I produce such a kind of writing at that time? How could I see something unimportant to be told to the world confidently? How could I have a time to write up to ten posts a week?
And now, I feel like, I loose my ability to do that way just because I was not realize that something unimportant could be something unique to tell.


I ever wrote about my newly curtain, some best movies I watched, unimportant opinion about football, some books quotations, my do on gardening, my unique bag, my brightly yellow room, my own-made bookshelf, my cats, my admiration of mosques, many many things. Also in my time when I have no idea to write, I could easily write about it. I write it into one post more about 500 words. I’m so surprised of myself!

Maybe it sounds showing up, but my intention to do that way is for sharing, to give an inspiration, to tell the world about my wee world. Aah, as like my blog tagline, WE WEE WORLD. My own little world. It’s not grammatically correct actually but it sounds to be a good word repetition for we wee as my nick name tiwwi. Hahaa.
So that here I share my little world of mine, here I told about my slightly thoughts, here I present my tiny world.

And now, today, I make the deal. That I will write everything cross my mind, everything based on so many alphabetical categories I made or I can add some categories till it filled up to letter Z, everything untold, everything unspoken, and everything worth to tell. Bismillah!
I make a deal to spent some of my time to stare at my screen, type my fingers on the screen-board, and share about my thoughts.
Because, from a very simple thing, from forgotten things, the beauty sometimes appears! [Stay Walk In Faith]


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