About tiwwiDy

My name is Tutut Indah Widyawati. but I usually use Tiwwi Widyawati as my nick name and that’s my pen name.
I’m an undergraduate student at the State College for Islamic Studies of Kediri, Indonesia, with English Department in my Degree or Concentration.

I’m so passionately about reading and writing. I make no excuse about what I read and write cause read will lead you to see the wide world and write will make you such a historian maker.

I’m madly interesting about mosque and library, and my great hope is visiting them around the world. (amin ya Allah Robbal’alamin..)

I’m someone who has big dreams to catch.. Two of it are being a well-known author and attending some higher school until I’ve no places to study..

And my self quotation is “just being beauty in my own different way”.

Enjoy yourselves blog walking in my little world, WE WEE WORLD.


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