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Cat Stories, Minyin

My Cute Cat
My Cute cat

As i remember, my life is not really far from a cute creature called cat. Since i was a kid, they were already surrounding me. Their present fulfill my joyness of my childhood even be my great inspiration to catch my childhood dream as a midwife.
I still remember when i have a cat namely Ching. She was a great mother cat who gave a birth for 32 kittens. Although not all her kittens were alive. In every her giving a birth, i was always beside her and tried to help her by rubbing her belly as i thought by doing that i would ease her babies to come out. 😀
Aah, cats come and gone in my life.
Now i have the best cat i ever have, Minyin. He came to my life and change all quietness in my day. I’m blessed having Minyin around.

Cat Stories
Cat Stories

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